For all those who have wondered what fan gene is all about.

Our company name stems from our mission “to discover and activate the ‘fan gene’ in our customers, their employees, and their clients.”

Working for numerous years in various industries on all kinds of projects, we discovered that, whatever the task, there was one common theme: Everyone was and is trying to turn their customers and/or employees into “fans”… some consciously, some subconsciously.

This is of course understandable as there’s nothing beyond “fan-status” on the scale of emotionalisation:

Once your customers or employees have been turned into fans, there's not too much to worry about, for profitability and growth have become what they should be: side effects; and your everyday’s work: just fun.

We believe within all of us, there is a “fan gene”, and we know there's nothing more exciting than to discover and activate it!

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Meet the team.

Alexander Mayrhofer

Officially diagnosed as a workaholic, Alex indulges in strategic challenges where out of the box thinking is crucial. The more this is related to sales issues the better.

Apart from that? Well…dozens of pizzas and movies, the latter preferably pertaining to science fiction or martial arts (= an all-time hobby). Alex is a fan of patterns, sense, passion and dedication. By the way: Alex has been self-employed forever and is definitely not as serious as "Mr. Serious" ;-)

(Partying hard also belongs to his core (social) competencies, but things like that should not be mentioned on an official webpage…)

Klaus Kümmel

Klaus has a sportive approach to most things, which probably stems from playing too much handball. Handball was Klaus’ first passion, and he used to be a professional player.

That’s also why Klaus loves to take up new challenges and to master them as a team player. In his business career, he held several different executive positions with an insurance company in Switzerland and Austria. He was most engaged in marketing, sales, customer service and new business strategies.

In 2011 Klaus started his next match and joined the fan gene team. He is a fan of nearly all kinds of sports, cross-industry-thinking and “overlooks” the speed limit from time to time.

Nikolaus Hofer

Niki is considered “Mr. Serious” at fan gene.

This is probably due to his background: He finished his law studies in 2000 and worked for an Austrian family owned pharmaceutical company as International Sales Director for almost 7 years. During this time, he successfully completed his MBA studies (Biotech & Pharma Management). He is married and has two boys. Could anyone be any more serious?

In 2009 he joined fan gene to apply his experience to his own venture. Niki is a fan of his family, hiking, management theories and Guy Ritchie movies.


It's all about your story.

The true power of a company lies in its stories

The true power of a company lies in its stories. The reason for that is quite simple: “Stories” are not just something “nice to remember”, but stories stimulate an emotional as well as logical response within the listener.

Accordingly, several studies have demonstrated that “this results in enhanced memory for central details”. So whatever you deem important to be remembered or executed—be it aims, products, values or whatever—just find the right story, tell it in the right manner and you’ll reap the harvest of success.

The companies who found the best stories and know how to make their point finally perform best. fan gene completely focuses on finding the right stories for our clients, establishing them firmly in the organization and assuring their effectiveness right there, where business happens.

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Our portfolio consists of:


  • development of differentiation strategies, USPs
  • conception of marketing strategies
  • positioning concepts


  • CEM & CRM
  • corporate culture & change management
  • trade marketing; graphics (check our 'fan tube')


  • sales efficiency programs
  • design & build-up of new sales teams
  • innovative POS solutions (incl. sales training)

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